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100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed.
Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We're introducing protection plans for every product* you purchase:
No Questions Asked: Return or Exchange
Product Warranty: One-time Exchange
Extended product warranty for unlimited exchange
Exclusive for Gold Tier Members
Learn more about our protection plans
What's Covered for CASETiFY Products.
No Questions Asked: Return or Exchange
Not happy with your purchase? We offer a 10-day no questions asked return or exchange policy, for all orders.
Eligible to all products* , all orders
Eligible to all customers*, in in all regions
Within 10 days of product purchase
All Customers
Product Warranty
Our 6-month warranty offers a replacement for any impaired products, regardless of the cause of damage.
Eligible to all products* , all orders
Eligible to all customers, in in all regions
Within 6 months of purchase
One-time exchange
Same value or lesser value items applicable if returned/exchanged product is discontinued.
Gold Tier Members
Product Warranty
In addition to our 6-month product warranty, we offer an exclusive 6-month extension to our Gold Tier Members.
Eligible to all products* , all orders
Eligible only to Gold tier CASETiFY Club member in all regions
Within 12 months of purchase
Unlimited exchange
Same value or lesser value items applicable if returned/exchanged product is discontinued.
Pro Tips Pro Product Care
Here are tips to ensure the life and longevity of your CASETiFY products:
Material Knowledge
All CASETiFY cases use the highest-quality materials in the market. Plastics are equipped with UV-resistant features and their performance has been verified by a world-renowned independent third-party tester. Cases will still react to objects they come in contact with. Dirt and wear and tear from daily use is to be expected. We recommend cleaning the case regularly or cleaning any stains immediately. Read on for how.
#1 Clean with a damp cloth
Clean the case with a soft, slightly damp cloth that's been soaked in soap and water.
#2 Clean with an alcohol wipe
Clean the case with an approximate 70-75% isopropyl alcohol wipe.
#3 Stay away from bleach
Do not use bleach products or similar chemicals to clean the case.
Frequently Asked Questions
What do you mean by 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed?
We're 100% committed to making you happy. We aim to make the product that truly reflects yourself and you genuinely like it! If you're not happy with your purchase, we offer a 10-day no-question-asked return and exchange/ refund for all orders! If you're out of the 10-day guarantee window, no worries! Our 6-month warranty offers one-time replacement on us, within the said timeframe for any defects. Gold Tier Members are entitled to a 1-year extended warranty and one-time exchange of the same product, if any defects are found. We'll work with you to make sure you're satisfied.
How does the product warranty work?
We offer a 6-month warranty of CASETiFY-branded products, excluding UV Sanitizers, 3PLY Protective Face Mask, Cloth Mask, Screen Protector and Camera Lens Protector, purchased from our website/App for all Members. Within 6 months from the date of original purchase, if you discover a fault with your item(s), simply contact us with a description summarising the issue and a photo/video clearly showing the defect, and one-time replacement of the same product can be arranged fully at our cost during the warranty period. If you're our Gold Club Member, you're entitled to a 12-month Extended Warranty and and free, unlimited replacements of the same product can be arranged for free if any defects are found. If your product(s) is discontinued or out-of-stock, it may be replaced by a similar option. No devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, etc.) other than CASETiFY-branded products are covered by our warranty. CASETiFY reserves the right on the final decisions.
If my order is a gift from my friend, can I still claim the warranty?
The warranty can only be claimed by the account user of the order placed. So only your friend can claim the warranty.
Can I request a different product for my replacement under the warranty?
We can only offer the same product as the original order for replacement unless the original item is discontinued or out-of-stock.
How do Protection Plans Work?
The CASETiFY Customer Support Team is your go-to when you need an exchange, refund, or just a reason to smile.
Simply reach out to us by clicking "Contact Us" below. Seriously, reach out. Even just to say hi.
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*Limitations apply and might vary depending on region. For more details, see Terms and Conditions