1. Is my CASETiFY water bottle dishwasher-safe?

No. Dishwashers can get hot enough to affect the insulation property of the flask and deteriorate the powder coat finish. Similarly, soaking the entire flask in hot water can deteriorate the finish. To extend the life of your CASETiFY water bottle, we suggest hand-washing (scroll down for more details).

2. How do I clean my CASETiFY water bottle?

All you need is dish soap and water, but a bottle brush is helpful for reaching the inside. You can also use distilled white vinegar or baking soda for a deeper clean.

White distilled vinegar: To help remove stains or discoloration on the inside of your bottle, add ½ cup of white distilled vinegar to the bottle, gently swirl, and let sit for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat if necessary and let dry.

Baking soda: For stubborn spots, mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda with a small amount of warm water to form a paste. Dip the bristles of a bottle brush in the paste and gently work it on the affected area. Repeat as necessary until stains lift. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and let dry.

3. Can I put my CASETiFY water bottle in the fridge or freezer?

No. Doing so could damage your bottle's vacuum seal. The bottle's double-walled vacuum insulation will protect the water from the temperature of the fridge or freezer anyway. It literally won't freeze! If you're craving ice-cold water, put some ice cubes in bottle — and notice how long it takes them to melt.

4. Can I put my CASETiFY water bottle in the microwave or stove?

No. Heat from any type of stove or heat source can damage the outside of your bottle. And because of the bottle's double-wall vacuum insulation, the outside temperature won't change the temperature of the beverage inside anyway.

5. Can I use my CASETiFY water bottle to store drinks and keep them fresh?

Your water bottle will certainly help drinks stay fresh all day long, but it’s not intended for long-term storage of liquids. Alcohol, some juices, and dairy-based beverages may spoil and may cause excessive pressure buildup in your bottle. This could lead to the lid popping off and even injury. And remember to avoid putting your bottle in the fridge, which can damage the vacuum seal that helps it maintain ideal beverage temperatures.

6. Can I fly with my CASETiFY water bottle?

Definitely. Your CASETiFY water bottle will pass through airport security without a problem, as long as you remember to empty it first. Bon voyage!

7. Do CASETiFY water bottles fit most standard cupholders?

Both sizes of our water bottles fit "standard" (3.15-inch diameter) and "jumbo" (4-inch diameter) cup holders, but do not fit "soda" (2.675-inch diameter) cup holders.

8. Will my CASETiFY water bottle sweat?

No way! Thanks to CASETiFY's double-walled vacuum insulation, which includes a matte coating, the outside of your bottle will stay completely condensation-free.

9. What are CASETiFY water bottles made of?

CASETiFY water bottles are made of high-quality, 316 marine-grade stainless steel. This material is highly resistant to rust and doesn't need a liner. Our water bottles are certified to meet US FDA requirements by an independent and accredited testing facility. Our water bottles are also BPA-free and provide a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.

10. How are CASETiFY water bottles packaged?

As CASETiFY evolves, we continue to find new ways to reduce our environmental footprint. In fact, we launched CASETiFY CONSCiOUS as the first step in our sustainable journey, and we've recently eliminated all virgin plastic from our packaging. And don't worry, we've taken the necessary steps to ensure that our products are properly protected during shipping, continuing to uphold our standards of packaging excellence following this change.

Returns and Exchanges

If you wish you return your CASETiFY item(s), please follow our return policy. Email us with your order number and the reason of return, and return the product(s) in its original packaging within 10 days from receiving your order (according to the delivery date on the tracking record, if applicable).

Only unused CASETiFY product(s) in its original packaging and with all instruction sheets/components in merchantable quality is entitled for returns and exchanges.

Returns without prior communication with us will not be accepted. Online orders cannot be returned to our retail store(s), and vice versa.

However, if Cash on Delivery (for Japan orders only) is selected as the payment method, only return for exchange or store credits will be allowed.

Please note that customers are responsible for all the fees involved for returning items. Return packages remain the responsibility of the customer until it is received by our team. Therefore, it is recommended that the customer takes necessary precautions by using registered and traceable services when returning the package.

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