1. How does the UV Sanitizer work?

The UV Sanitizer emits UV-C light to kill germs on objects placed inside the compartment within a short period of time, without additional use of any liquid / chemicals.

2. What is UV-C light?

UV-C light is a short-wavelength ultraviolet light that destroys nucleic acids in microorganisms and disrupts their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. Most bacteria, viruses and mold exposed to UV-C light will be killed/inactivated, and UV-C may even neutralize “superbugs” that are antibiotics-resistant.

3. How many germs are on your phone?

If you use your phone daily, it probably collects 7 times more germs than a public restroom!

4. Can the UV Sanitizer clean things apart from a smartphone?

Yes, many personal items, such as your keys and small accessories, can be used with the UV Sanitizer as long as they fit into the compartment.

If you suspect that the item may be sensitive to UV-C light, please consult the corresponding manufacturer beforehand.

5. Is the UV Sanitizer safe to use?

The light source of UV Sanitizer adopts UV-C LED, and it is safer than other similar products in the market that use UV-C light bulb (that may contain mercury).

Users must still follow the safety instructions of the product at all times.

6. Can I charge my phone during the cleaning process?

The UV Sanitizer comes with wireless charging function. You can simply place your phone into the wireless charging station, and press the circular button until the blue indicator lights up.

7. How long does it take to clean my phone?

The UV Sanitizer runs a 3-minute cycle. The circular button on the lid will stop flashing when the sanitization cycle is done.

8. Can UV Sanitizer kill COVID-19?

There is no scientific research confirming whether UV-C light can kill COVID-19 virus at this moment. However, the UV Sanitizer works on 99.9% common household germs.

9. Can I bring the UV Sanitizer on a plane?

Yes, but please note that you will need a separate power source to turn on the UV Sanitizer.

10. Is the UV Sanitizer water-proof?

The UV Sanitizer is neither water-resistant nor water-proof.

11. How can the inner compartment of the UV Sanitizer be cleaned?

Empty the compartment and close the lid of the UV Sanitizer with power source connected, the UV Sanitizer will run for 3 minutes to sanitize the inner compartment.

12. Can the sanitizer also disinfect the bottom of my phone?

Rest assured that our UV sanitizer has a raised base to let UV-C light penetrate under your device. For a thorough and more comprehensive sanitization, it is recommended that you may flip the items for another cycle of sanitization.

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