1. Do I need to wash the cloth mask every day?

It is advised that cloth masks need to be hand-washed daily with soap water only. Please be advised that the masks cannot be laundered in the washing machine or with bleach so as to protect the mask materials from damage. After handwashing, it is recommended to place the masks under sunlight with good ventilation for drying, instead of using a dryer.

2. How often should I change the filter?

How often you should change the filter actually depends on the environment it is used in. In general condition, the filter can be changed after one-week use.

3. Can I wash and reuse the filter?

No. The filter cannot be washed but it can be reused for 7 days. Please replace the filters every week.

4. Is your filter certified? (PFE/ VFE/ BFE Level)

CASETiFY filters can filter polluted air particles (PM2.5) but are not PFE/VFE/BFE certified.

5. Will the mask help protect me against COVID-19?

Our face masks can protect you from 70% germs but please be aware that this product is not proven to provide protection against coronavirus as we do not currently have a way to test its effectiveness against COVID-19 yet.

6. How is the cloth mask effective comparing to the surgical mask?

Our cloth mask with the CASETiFY filter is almost effective as a surgical mask in terms of filtration efficiency (FE). Without the CASETiFY filter, the effectiveness of the cloth mask will be drastically lowered to 40%.

7. Is there an expiry date for the cloth mask or filter?

Unused and unopened cloth masks and filters have a shelf life of 18 months if they are kept in clean, dry and cool conditions.

8. Can I put my own filter?

Yes. You may put in your own filter to our cloth mask.

9. Can children also wear the mask?

Yes. The mask is in adult size but children can also wear it.

10. Is the mask water-resistant/water-proof?

No. The mask or filter is neither water-resistant nor water-proof. Please avoid contact with water while wearing the mask.

11. Where is the mask manufactured?

The mask is designed in Los Angeles and produced in China.

Returns and Exchanges

This product is highly personal and cannot be refunded, returned, exchanged or fixed for any reason.

What do I do if I receive a faulty item?

If you believe you have received a flawed item, and it is within 10 days after your order arrives, please send us an email at [email protected] regarding the issue, together with photos of the faulty product. We will then review your claim with our production team and offer further assistance and arrangement.

Our policy lasts 10 days. If the claim request is submitted after the 10-day timeframe, no return or exchange can be facilitated. We do not accept returns of used products.