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Re/CASETiFY The World

Wann hast du zum letzten Mal eine Lebensmittelverpackung, eine Plastikflasche oder eine alte Handyhülle in den Müll geworfen?

Wäre es nicht besser gewesen, wir hätten daraus etwas Neues gemacht?

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Get to know more about Crosby Studios, the creators behind ReCASETiFY Couch.

Who’s Crosby Studios ? What do you guys do?
Crosby Studios’ creative practice spans a broad range of typologies, including innovative commercial spaces, hospitality, designed objects, and fashion and art collaborations, often through the lens of radical design and informed by the aesthetics of contemporary consumer culture.
What’s the inspiration behind the Re/CASETiFY Couch?
For Re/CASETIFY Couch, our idea was to create a beautiful pattern that resembles tiles made from used and recycled CASETiFY cases. We love to create beautiful objects made from over left or off-cuts, giving old items a new purpose and life.
What does sustainability mean to Crosby Studio or in interior design?
Sustainability is a big part of our practice. We are constantly thinking on how to supplement materials for ones that are sustainable, limit our excess use of materials, and find ways to for off-cuts or over left materials to have a new life.
What’s the process like in creating the installation?
Immediately we were inspired to create an object that had a unique pattern made from cases around the column - the process was very interesting to bring to life.
What are your thoughts on choosing reworked home decor/ furniture over brand new ones?
We love to give items a new life, reworking and thinking how to combine old with new.