1. Do masks come with the same customer satisfaction warranty as other products?

Masks are highly personal and cannot be refunded, returned, exchanged, or fixed for any reason.

2. What is the difference between Cloth Mask and disposable mask? How protective are they?

Disposable mask is not reuseable and can't be cleaned or washed. Cloth mask is maximum filter 0.3u particles.

3. What is the material?

It is non woven Polypropylene fabric

4. Is it waterproof?

The front layer contains water repelling characteristics

5. How big is it?

175 x 95 mm with ( +/-2mm )

6. How long for the earloop?

~18cm w/o elongated. ~ 44cm under elongation

7.Are the disposable masks certified/ tested for their effectiveness?

Our disposable masks are tested under CE requirements and certified as Type IIR

8. Are the disposable masks as effective as surgical masks?

Yes. Our masks are qualified as Type II R under CE and has the highest standard

9. Can I wear it for exercising/sports activity?

Yes. Please replace the disposable mask once inner layer is wet with sweat

10. Does each mask come in a separate packaging?


11. How many layers does the mask have?

3 layers:

Front Layer- PP non woven fabric. Water-proof

Middle layer - Meltblown, non woven fabric

Inner layer - PP non woven

12. Can people at all ages wear this mask?

Yes. Our masks offer highly breathability

13. Where was it produced?

Hong Kong