Re/CASETiFY: A Unique Innovation

Here at CASETiFY, we're always looking for ways to make things better, stronger, and more eco-friendly. Re/CASETiFY for iPhone 13 ticks every box. This revolutionary innovation uses old phone cases, manufacturing scraps, and plant-derived bio-plastics to make a phone case material that's just as durable as other plastics— but way better for the Earth.

Manufacturing Scraps

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Old Phone Cases

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Plant-Derived Bio-Plastics

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Chemistry Standards

Re/CASETiFY materials from unused manufacturing scrap, old phone cases and plant-derived bio-plastics are designed to meet CASETiFY standards

Inside the Re/CASETiFY Process

For several years, we’ve been collecting phone cases and now — after years of research and development — we’re putting those old cases to good use. Re/CASETiFY is made of the strongest recycled plastic in the world, created through a 4-step process:

Stage 1: Collect the Cases

All collected recycled cases are closely inspected and cleaned.

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Stage 2: Separate Different Parts

Inspected recycled cases are further disassembled for production.

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Stage 3: Grind Into Pellets

All materials are ground down into different sized particles

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Stage 4: Mix Recycled Pellets

We mix recycled pellets, manufacturing scraps and bio-plastics together.

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Protect The Planet. Protect Your Tech.

Recycled or bioplastics? We went with both! Though we're still working on creating an even greener alternative to these two, these currently make it possible to use less virgin plastics. It's all part of the journey toward a more renewable, sustainable future while still maintaining our highest strength and protection standards.

Strong. Slim. Sustainable.

While plastics provide the ultimate protection for your tech, we're always on the hunt for a better way to reduce and reuse. We're currently looking for ways to incorporate our Re/CASETiFY technology into all of our cases. By 2026, we want to be using 100% recycled plastics for every single product we make — zero virgin plastics!

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Designed For Protection

Our Ultra Impact Cases protect your phone from every angle.

1. Qitech™ 2.0 has every corner covered, keeping phones safe from up to 9.8-foot drops.

2. The bezeled edge adds cushion

3. Our raised camera ring provides added protection for the camera lens.


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