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Ready to get rid of
your old phone cases?

Embrace the cycle of transformation with our Re/CASETiFY™ Program.
We're happy to offer you a way to close the loop by giving new life to your old phone cases.
Just drop off your old cases at any of our retail stores and
help us create a sustainable future!

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Take Action!

Make a real difference by minimizing waste and diverting plastic from landfills by dropping off unwanted phone cases, regardless of who made them.
Together, we can take a small step towards a greener future!

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Looking to Recycle
in the US?

If you're based in the US
and would like to recycle your old phone cases,
feel free to ship them to the dedicated address below and our team will take care of it!
18 Distribution Blvd, Edison, NJ 08817, USA


Do you only accept CASETiFY
Phone Cases for recycling?

We accept all phone cases regardless of brand!

Is it free to ship my phone case
back to CASETiFY?

Not right now, but you can purchase stamps at your local post office
or use your preferred courier to ship your old phone case to us.

Do you also accept other
tech accessories for recycling?

Not yet, but we're working on that for the future!

Which recycling organization do you work with?

We've expanded our list of partners globally and now work with
Terracycle US, E Tech, Buji, J&T, and Mobile Muster.