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A Cinematic Twist: Parasite Makes History

A collective gasp best describes the reception of Bong Joon Ho’s critically adored “Parasite.” The South Korean film, an unnerving and riveting tale of two Korean families, swept the Oscars in 2020. It was the first non-English speaking film ever to win Best Picture. We give it 👍👍.

Naturally, we had to bring this iconic moment into the world of tech.

Celebrate Movie Magic

Inspired by the film’s stunning visual aesthetic and twisted plot lines, we’ve reimagined Parasite as an exclusive collection of tech accessories. Relive the riveting story in a new way: customize your name on case in Morse code.

Dot Dash Dit Dah

Immerse yourself in the film’s cryptic world by customizing your cases with names printed in Morse code, a telecomm system used to send coded messages through a series of dots and dashes (aka dits and dahs). You can even customize your keyboard to send texts in Morse code. Time to tell your secret story. .-. . .- -.. -.-- ..--..