Horween Leather Apple Watch Band

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Durable Horween Leather

Made using traditional techniques, this handcrafted leather bands transform what was once a modern accessory into a classic timepiece. It only gets better with age. Heralded for its quality and durability, Horween uses only the finest techniques and expert craftsmen to deliver the highest quality leather.


Handsome Hardware

When designing the Watch Band, the quality of the buckle was just as important as highly curated leather. The watch band's buckles are manufactured with premium stainless steel and a durable, secure pin. Because reliability and confidence in your watch band matters.


Available Size


  • 38mm
  • 42mm

Available Color

Chocolate and Black

Wrist Size

38mm fits wrists 140-200mm

42mm fits wrists 150-210mm


Designed for 38mm and 42mm regular and sport verions of the Apple Watch


0.5oz for 38mm

0.6oz for 42mm


01. Is the band compatible with both 38mm and 42mm versions of the Apple Watch?

Yes, the Horeween Leather Watch Band is compatible with 38mm or 42mm versions of the Apple Watch.

02. Can I use the band with Steel and Sport versions of the Apple Watch?

Yes, the Horween Leather Watch Band can be used with steel or sport versions of the Apple Watch.

03. How should I take care of the leather watch band?

The leather will look worn in and weather in time--even with your first wear--like most quality leathers do. Use a damp cloth to gently clean, but we don't recommend any harsh chemicals.

04. How long does the leather of the Horween Watch band take to break in?

It will always keep changing and it depends how often you wear it. After a month of frequent wear, your strap's unique weathering will begin and after 6 months time, it'll become a classic.