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Spencer Nuzzi

Spencer Nuzzi

An east coast native turned Angeleno, Spencer Nuzzi is best known for his iconic skateboarding style. We sat down with Spencer to discuss his personal style, his athletic passion, and most importantly his love for this city.

What about DTLA inspires you the most?

Downtown has always inspired me in so many ways, that's why I had to live there at least once in my life. I have lived all over LA from the Westside in Santa Monica to the Eastside in Downtown. Unlike the Westside, I was much more inspired in DTLA by the people I met and the cultures I was surrounded by. There is street art all over the city, and of course historic skateboard spots!

What is your favorite thing about being in DTLA?

My favorite thing about being in DTLA is jumping on my skateboard and having everything I need a few pushes away. From my favorite coffee shops, bars, and restaurants to the fashion district. Skating through traffic, stressed out drivers, and fruit stands doesn't get any better.

Your favorite place to skate in DTLA?

My favorite place to skate in Downtown is simply downtown. Since the city is always under construction developing new high-rises, apartments, and parks makes it easy to discover new terrain all the time.

What is your go-to spot in DTLA?

Now that's a hard one... Well when it comes to coffee it's il Cafe. For home stuff definitely hit Formerly Yes and for bars you can catch me at Coles or Golden Gopher.

What are your go-to style essentials?

Always with the baseball cap, sunnies, ripped denim, and slip on shoes.

Whose closet would you raid?

Probably Eddie Huang!

"Always take a chance in what you believe in, when you feel like giving up, try again harder, and when people start hating just means you are doing it right!"

Place in DTLA that you heard about but haven't been to yet?

There is a glass slide called SkySpace at the US Bank Building! I don't know why I haven't done it before, maybe if i'm allowed to skate down it.

Which DTLA case color are you most attracted to? And why?

The black, because everything I own is black.

When was the last time you dropped your phone and the screen broke?

Haha, maybe a few weeks ago. Happens to me WAY too often!

Walk us through your phone routine in the morning (i.e. which app do you open first, then etc)

First I’m usually trying to shut my alarm off!

Once I can open my eyes enough I'll begin to hear emails ding and end up checking Instagram. After checking the feed, I'll try to reminding myself to check the weather app, I gotta know what to wear! Of course I bypass the weather app as I check the news on Twitter. Once Twitter gets old, I will finally check my emails. At this point I usually close my phone them reopen it and realize I NEVER checked the weather...

Tell us a bit more about your clothing line.

After going to school for Merchandise Marketing at FIDM, I worked for a few companies from clothing to footwear handling product development with manufacturers to social media marketing. After a few collaborations, "Nuzzi Brand" was born.

Now Nuzzi Brand is just over a year old. We make clothing from hats, tees, jacket as well as skateboard accessories like wheels & griptape. Right now we are exclusively sold online at SpencerNuzzi.com

What's next for you?

The next big movement is towards Nuzzi Brand Footwear! It's still crazy rolling off the tongue.

Sneakers have always been my thing, let alone the slip on model. Finally I have put all my efforts in from materials, shape, and design to make the perfect slip on and line of shoes.

Can't wait to reveal the first line this year Fall 2017.

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