NEW! DEFENSiFY Antimicrobial Coating

Available for Impact Cases, Ultra Impact Cases, and Screen Protectors — our new DEFENSiFY antimicrobial coating eliminates 99% of bacteria from your handheld devices.

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Bye-Bye Bacteria

Studies show that cell phones carry 10x more bacteria than most toilet seats! The culprit is all of those surfaces they touch (bathroom counters, desks, pockets, gym bags), leaving your phone — not to mention your hands — exposed to germs and microbes that could cause stains, odors, or worse. A durable case that prevents and eliminates bacteria is a no-brainer.

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Antimicrobial Action

Our proprietary antimicrobial coating protects you AND your phone in two ways: preventing the growth of microbes, and preventing bacteria from sticking to the surface in the first place.

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How It Works

Our germ-destroying DEFENSiFY coating is flexible, thin, and totally transparent, so it won't affect the look and feel of your phone case. You won't even know it's there while it's hard at work stopping bacteria!

It's applied with simple atomized spray equipment and rapidly cured by a UV light to lock in lasting antimicrobial action. And because we source environmentally friendly materials wherever we can, DEFENSiFY is free of solvents and fluorine.