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We believe all moms are the definition of #BeautifulButTough, that's why we're dedicating this special edit to celebrate a very precious experience called, motherhood.

Scroll on to feel the love oozing through your screen as we share short stories of six incredible mothers.

"Being a mother is tough. It's sleepless nights soothing a sick child, it’s worrying about their health."

Being a mother is beautiful. It’s rooting for your little best friend to take those first crawls. It’s kissing those tiny chubby cheeks after the eyes finally give in and close.

Being a mother is also tough. It’s messy and exhausting, it’s worrying about their health and if you’re teaching them enough. It’s ignoring the other moms judging your parenting. It’s fighting and advocating for what you know is best for your child. However motherhood is, I’m excited for the day I go by, 'Mom'.

Mom of Case, a boy with down syndrome - Andrea uses her Instagram to spread joy and positivity only. Featured with her Casetify Kids Custom iPhone case.

"It was unplanned and during one of the most tumultuous times in my life."

I had Ayo at 22-years-old. It was unplanned and during one of the most tumultuous times in my life. One thing I knew for sure was that I was unwilling to give up on my dreams and her presence was the motivation I needed to create change.

Being a beautiful but tough mother to me means taking action with intention and fervor, showing your children how to face adversity head-on while finding gratitude for those experiences and the lessons they bring.

Ayana holding Casetify Custom Photo iPhone Case.

She stands for the hope of changing the perception of disability, one story at a time.

Girl mom. Special needs mom. Just plain MOM. Every single one of those labels at one point in my life struck fear into the core of my heart. I wasn't the type, I'd think. I wasn't patient enough, kind enough, soft enough..

Turns out I was right--I'm not enough. But being #BeautifulButTough as a mother means showing up anyway, doing your best, apologizing when your best sucks and letting love fill in all the gaps between.

Mom of three, including one with physical disability - Amy is a passionate advocate for disability rights. See more on her Blog. Featuring Casetify Kids Custom iPhone case.

"It means raising my kids to be confident in themselves and unapologetic about doing so. "

Being a #BeautifulButTough mom means raising my kids to be confident in themselves, making sure they know beauty isn’t about what’s on the outside, rather than who they are inside, and knowing they should follow their dreams with enthusiasm despite challenges.

Being a #BeautifulButTough mother means preaching all of the above by leading by example every chance I get.... It also means sucking it up and kill the spider even if you’re scared for your life.

Kim holding Custom Photo iPhone Case. Ayda holding Custom Casetify Kids iPhone case.

"Being a mother is the most challenging role I have filled in my life... and I am just at the takeoff ."

Motherhood embodies the most extreme of emotions from the lows of despair to the highs of unconditional love, and of course every emotion in between. It is a rollercoaster from start to finish and I am just at the takeoff. As a mother of three, my goal in life is to raise them into beautiful human beings. I want them to understand that despite the crazy world that we live in, that there are many amazing people, places and experiences to embark on.

With all that being said, being a mother is the most beautiful role one can ever imagine. Being a mother creates a physical and spiritual connection that is unbreakable.

Sheila holding Military Standard Impact iPhone X Case.

"I don’t follow a rule book on how to parent my son."

I believe in long naps mid afternoon with my almost 7 month old baby. Some days I couldn’t find a single thing that is more important for me to do than snuggle and soak up all his littleness. It’s true what they say, these moments are fleeting.

Being a mama is a crazy rollercoaster. Worrying about if I'm doing it right, if I should be more strict, should I be more tame? But we know ourselves, we know what's best for our families, for our children. Some hours, some days, they seem like you will never get through them. But tough mamas always do. And that’s the beautiful part.

Stevie holding Casetify Custom Photo iPhone Case.

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