Yu Nagaba

Japanese, b. 1976

Chit-Chat, 2020

Winner Announce: July 2
Preis:: $5,500 USD + Shipping

- Original Artwork by Yu Nagaba
- Executed in 2020
- Material: Acrylic frame, Mirror Case
- Size: 611mm x 555mm x 44mm

How to Enter the Raffle

Yu Nagaba uses the phone case as his canvas to commemorate our collaboration. It's the only of its kind in the world. The "Chit-Chat" piece comes framed and ready to display.

"I had this thought before COVID-19, but this world is becoming full of people who communicate at a tremendous speed by using digital devices. This artwork was inspired by that gap between real-life physical communication and digital communication on our phones." said Mr. Nagaba about this artwork.

We'll sell the singular work to one lucky raffle winner for 5,500 USD (+shipping fee).

How it Works

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About Yu Nagaba

Yu Nagaba is an illustrator and artist from Tokyo that's known for his unique characters, stripped back style, and black-and-white line drawings. He graduated from Tokyo Zokei University where he studied design and since then, his work has been featured in magazines, books, advertisements, and a variety of branded collaborations including partnerships with UNIQLO, Asics, G-SHOCK, and BEAMS. Other establishments, like Magazine House, RIMOWA, Technics, Spotify, Universal Music, and Monocle, have commissioned custom works from him as well.