We're committed to this planet and its people.
In our sustainable efforts we want
to close the loop by bringing new life to discarded phone cases through
art, creativity and innovation.
Through the global creative force we aim to
nurture, empower and unite through our
lifestyle ethos that
symbolizes creativity and sustainability combined.
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Re/CASETiFY™ Perspective Fragments,
Youngmin Kang, Seoul

Challenged by the traditional perceptions of waste, Youngmin Kang transformed recycled phone cases from our Re/CASETiFY™ Program to create the impressive Re/CASETiFY™ Perspective Fragments.
The art piece serves to inspire a more
sustainable future by highlighting the untapped value in common objects
and advocating for innovative recycling methods.

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Re/CASETiFY™ Rest Stop,
Wade and Leta, New York

Wade and Leta, an artist duo from Brooklyn New Yorkwho make music for your eyes, has focused on creating a functional approach, creating the Re/CASETiFY™ Rest Stop, a seating arrangement inspired by the process of repurpose and creation. This whimsical table and seat selection are recycledfrom grinding 13,000 recycled phone cases to create a spacethat can be utilized for everything from writing an email tosketching your dreams.

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Re/CASETiFY™ Fireworks Stand, zilin, China

zilin, a sustainable artist from China brings us the Re/CASETiFY™
Fireworks Stand crafted with 30,000 recycled phone cases.
The stand symbolizes the ending of one chapter and celebrates
the new life of beauty and hope, carrying our expectations
for a future of greater creations.

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Re/CASETiFY™ Sofa, Eva Furniture, Sydney

In the CASETiFY STUDiO in Sydney CBD, Melbourne-based furniture company, Eva transformed 16,000 recycled phone cases into a sofa. The Re/CASETiFY™ Sofa blends innovation with environmental responsibility to redefine creativity. Named Re/Treat,
this sofa offers a space for relaxation and renewal, aligning perfectly
with our message of rejuvenation through upcycling.