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Let us carry your most crucial necessities with you. A convenient iPhone case card slot holds your cards securely while making them easily accessible. Whether it's your drivers license, credit card or any other standard size card you find yourself needing to pull out all the time, these iPhone case pockets are designed with you in mind.


由編織材料製成的手機殻時尚實用,外表低調沉穩,設計一絲不苟,適合崇尚極簡主義的您。Casetify X Woven Case堅固、細緻、用料創新、,從上到下、外到內,完整覆蓋您的手機。




Our built in iPhone case pocket holds one of your most important cards. Perfect for on-the-go.


We want you to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging anywhere - without having to remove your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XS Max, XS/X and XR cases. Our cases are built to withstand Qi, supporting the new standard of wireless charging. Don't comprise fashion for functionality.