100,000 Masks to India

The last box is going out soon... and it'll mark the last of 100,000 cloth masks shipped to Hemkunt Foundation and the Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council (NSWC) in support of their COVID-19 relief efforts in India. This is only the beginning. We'll keep supporting worldwide humanitarian aid efforts with direct relief. As part of #CASETiFYCares, every purchase equals a donation.

What Is the Hemkunt Foundation?

Hemkunt Foundation is a non-government organization on a mission to support and provide humanitarian aid to marginalized communities. It provides financial support, disaster relief, and access to education throughout India.

What Is Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council (NSWC)?

Nishkam is an independent non-profit whose goal is to uplift and develop underprivileged communities. Founded in 1984, Nishkam is currently working with seven states in India to provide welfare and relief to the vulnerable — despite caste, creed, or religious affiliation.