Nylon Fabric Apple Watch Band (38mm/40mm) - Solid Pink


Nylon Fabric Apple Watch Band (38mm/40mm) - Solid Pink - $0

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Design & Materials

Band's materials mimic the look and feel of nylon fabric. Soft and lightweight, it's perfect for all-day wear. Perfectly fits all new Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Series 1.

Seamless and luxurious fit

Simply wrap loop around your wrist for a precise fit and elevated look.

Designed by Casetify

We're passionate about brilliant product design and developing items we know our customers would love just as much as we do. In order to push the needle forward in fashion-tech, we choose to use only the best materials our industry has to offer.

High-Quality Hand Woven Nylon Material

Hand-woven Nylon Fabric wrist strap is made of materials that can be molded to fit your everyday needs--comfortably into the shape of your wrist.

Wear And Go

This fabric-like, breahable Apple watch nylon strap design is scratch-resistant, sweat-proof so you won't have to give it a second thought when you're on the go from your office to the gym to a night out.

Classic Stainless Steel Buckle

Engineered with woven nylon materials sourced from Japan and Germany, the stainless steel connector and buckle allows you to easily switch out the Apple watch bands, and adjust the length any way that you'd like.


Fits 145-195mm wrists

Fits 170-230mm wrists