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Max Screen-Protection? Done.

Only 0.33mm slim, the ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector maximum protection to your . The last thing we want is a cracked screen, but we all have our clumsy moments. So we made sure the tempered glass screen protector’s scratch-resistant surface will keep your baby’s screen safe from cracking and breaking from accidental drops.

Precise Fit. Sleek and Polish.

We made sure the curved edges of the tempered glass screen protector follow the natural shape of your phone so that it doesn't chip, lift or snag easily. Keeping a neat, polished look for your phone screen 24/7.

It's HD. We Promise.

Nowadays we watch and read everything on our phones (guilty!), so your experience should be high-def at all times. Our tempered glass screen protector will never inhibit your viewing experience. It maintains the display's crystal clear image so well, you'll barely even notice it's there. SOLD.

3D Touch? NP.

3D touch is not something of the future, so we made sure the ultra-smooth surface ensures remarkably fast and snappy touchscreen responsiveness. Comfortably text, YouTube, IGTV on your with ease. Casetify’s tempered glass screen protector = Your screen’s best friend.