Guidelines & Rules

There are two ways to prepare your images for the Casetify templates:

  1. Use your Instagram or Facebook photos. Once you've logged into Casetify with your Instagram or Facebook account you will automatically see all your images ready to use with our templates.
  2. Go Pro and design your own images using vector or raster apps like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, then import them to Instagram or Facebook to use on the Casetify templates. Remember, if you are a winner, we will need the original high resolution artwork.

Here are the rules:
Original content is a must. Copyrighted material is not accepted.
Content must be appropriate and non-offensive. Casetify is all about the love, and the fun kind.
Casetify panel's decision is final.
On joining Casetify, you're agreeing to our terms and conditions provided.
The amount of votes your design receives will influence our panel's decision in selecting the winners. The designs with the most social exposure (i.e. Tweets, Facebook shares and likes) will have a higher chance of winning.

Get Started

  1. Sign up with Casetify

    Log into Casetify with your Instagram or Facebook account to check out our submission guideline. Here you'll find the Casetify Challenge requirements and of course, the rules.

  2. Create and submit your design

    Use your original images from Instagram, Facebook and personal photos along with the templates provided to create your ideal phone cases. When you're happy with your Casetify, press "Save" and "Enter Challenge". Don't forget to title and tag your entry for everyone to vote.

  3. Get the word out!

    Post it, Tweet it, Feed it! Your success depends on votes as well as creativity.

Submit a design