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Meet CASETiFY's latest UV Sanitizer model! It's more portable and lightweight so you can stay safe from germs on-the-go. And don't worry, it still destroys 99.9% of germs that live on your devices.

Size: 200 x130x45mm

Interior Size: 180x107x20mm

360° Sanitization Technology

Our UV Sanitizer kills germs on your smartphone with advanced 360° sanitization tech and 4 Mercury-free UV lamps inside. Breathe easy knowing your beloved phone is safe from germs. For more information, please visit our FAQ Page.

Note: Please be aware that this product is not proven to kill coronavirus. The UV Sanitizer disinfect germs, but we do not currently have a way to test its effectiveness against COVID-19 yet.

Portable with USB Charging

Stay safe from germs while you're on-the-go. Our UV Sanitizer fits easily in a backpack or purse so you can keep your tech clean, wherever you are.

New Color Options

Our new UV Sanitizer is coming out with new colors to best fit your personality! Choose from white, black, and pink (black and pink available for pre-order only).


UV Sanitizer Lite
$80 USD

  • Sanitize in 6 minutes
  • 4 Mercury-free UV bulbs
  • Portable lightweight size for on-the-go cleaning

UV Sanitizer
$120 USD

  • Wireless charging enabled
  • Sanitize in 3 minutes
  • 6 Mercury-free UV bulbs
  • Roomy size to fit most of your personal accessories
  • CE/FCC/ROHS certified
  • Up to 10000 hours of UV life