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  • How can I make changes to my CASETiFY order?
    Simply email us within 12 hours . Be sure to include your order number! If you would like to change your design, please also include the URL or name of the new design. Otherwise, if it is the device type, case type, or color that you would like to adjust, please also let us know the details in email.

  • How do I know if my CASETiFY order was placed successfully?
    If you have received an order confirmation email or SMS from us, your order was placed successfully! You can also log into your account to view your order history and search for your most recent order.

    I’ve placed an order, but it says "On Hold" when I check its status. What’s wrong?

    1. Your shipping address has no street number or suite number, or potentially incomplete.
    2. The photo(s) used in your design had been removed from your social network and we need your help in supplementing them.
    3. Your custom design contains content that potentially infringes intellectual property rights or proprietary rights.

    You will always receive an email or SMS from us if the problems above happen to your order. So please be sure to check the Spams / Junk folder of the email you registered with us if you have not received such confirmation emails. We will need further information from you before we can process your order.

  • Where can I find the order invoice? When you log into your account after placing an order successfully, you can locate the invoice for each order under the order history.

  • Why I can't receive my order confirmation email?
    If your registered email address is a Hotmail account, the order confirmation email may fall into your Spams / Junk folder. If you still cannot find your order confirmation email, please email us and we will investigate further.

  • I’ve ordered a few items but I can’t find all of them. Where are the missing cases?
    Please be sure to open up all the boxes first. We normally packed 2 cases in 1 box unless otherwise requested. If you have checked and the case is still not there, please contact us.

  • Does CASETiFY offer free shipping ?
    Yes, we offer free standard shipping for all orders

  • Does CASETiFY accept bulk purchases?
    Please send us an email here with more details and we will follow up.


  • I’ve missed a CASETiFY promotion campaign for a recent order I placed. Can I still enjoy the offer?
    Please let us know by email, we would wish to know the order number of yours and also the discount code / offer that you are after. We will be more than happy to evaluate what you have and honor the offer if it is deemed applicable. We apologize, we are unable to apply the adjustments retrospectively 5 days after date of order, or the promotion expiration date, whichever comes earlier.

  • Can I apply 2 promo codes on the same order?
    We are afraid that only one promo code can be applied per order.

  • Can I apply promo codes and store credits together on my order?
    Promo codes and store credits can be applied together.

  • Can store credits be accumulated?
    Yes, store credits can be accumulated.


  • Are CASETiFY cases protective?
    CASETiFY has a huge selection of phone case types and tech accessories that are durable and functional without losing originality. Its signature and most popular Impact case is engineered with a two-layer construction of qitech™ material and military-graded that can withstand 6.6ft drop impact. Bounce Cases are the most shock-proof among all and the protection level has been enhanced up to 13ft.

  • Do CASETiFY clear phone cases turn yellow easily?
    Our new Clear Case is made from 65% recycled and plant-based material. It protects your tech while maintaining its good looks. The material technology is optimized to prevent yellowing and keep it fresh while its low-profile protection makes it fierce.

  • Are your Impact cases transparent or crystal clear?
    CASETiFY Impact cases feature a bumper around its perimeter made out of a two-layer qiTechTM material, that allows for shock absorption. The Impact Case comes in different colorways. All colors (except the Matte colors). All colors are semi-transparent on the outer layer but opaque on the inner layer.

  • Can you please make sure that the background of my case is in Gold/Silver/Space Gray/Midnight Green color?
    Most of our phone cases carry a transparent background (except for selected case types/full-print designs). Our background color preview solely serves to give our customers an idea of how the designs would look like on iPhones in different colors!

  • How do I know which length I should choose for the Apple Watch band?
    38/40/41 mm and 42/44/45 mm refer to the size of the watch face. We only offer one standard length for each size.

  • Do CASETiFY Apple Watch Bands fit all series of Apple Watches?
    Yes, our watch bands fit all series of Apple Watches with the correct watch face size.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy series device (e.g., S20, S21, S22…etc), and there are multiple models for different carriers (e.g. AT&T, Verizon). How do I know which case is the right one?
    CASETiFY fits the international (non-carrier-specific) version of Samsung Galaxy series devices. Although your carrier-specific model may look similar to the international version, the device may slightly vary between carriers (particularly the shape and positioning of the camera) and may not fit our cases.

CASETiFY Authentication

  • Why Authenticate CASETiFY Products?
    We have implemented the new authentication feature to reassure you that your product is a genuine and authentic product. Whilst, helping us to make sure our brand stays protected and supporting the artists who bring the brand to life.

    Please note that your product/s will only be authenticated by registering it first.

  • How Does The Coupon Code Work?
    Upon successful authenticity check on your CASETiFY product, a coupon code will be generated that is bounded to the CASETiFY Club account used during login or sign up. The coupon will be valid for up to 30 days after being issued.

    The coupon code itself will only be generated once per each authenticated product, and is meant for single use only on all CASETiFY products listed online (except for co-lab collection, and newly launched products). The coupon code is intended for online use and cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon code.

    If you have any issues obtaining or using your coupon code, please contact our customer service team.

  • What If My Product Isn’t Authenticated?
    If your product was not able to be authenticated using our system, we recommend you attempt the process again, ensuring you follow each recommended steps outlined on the homepage.

    If you are still unsuccessful at authenticating your product with us, this means your product is not a genuine CASETiFY product. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any reimbursement, guarantees or service in connection with counterfeit products nor do they come under statuary warranty.

    If you have been unlucky in acquiring a counterfeit product, you should contact your purchase point / retailer for clarification. For more information, please contact our customer service team.

  • Can I Authenticate My Product More Than One Time?
    Yes, you can authenticate your product as many times you want. A record of how many times the product has been authenticated will be shown upon validation.

    Please note, that you will not be able to redeem another coupon under authenticating your product/s again. If you have not used your coupon, authenticating your product again will not show the unused coupon code. The coupon code will be automatically sent to the email you originally authenticated your product with.

  • Do I need to return the product with the authentication tag for returns and exchanges?
    Yes, authentication tag is counted as part of the order. For any returns and exchanges, please return the tag together with the product.

  • How long should I keep the authentication tag?
    It's completely up to you! Or you may also throw away the authentication tag after the product has been authenticated or after the return and exchanges period (10 days from receiving your order).

Image & File Support

  • I see an orange ! warning sign next to my image, what does that mean?
    In order to deliver you with high-quality cases, we recommend that you use high-quality images. The warning is to let you know that the photo is below the recommended resolution, therefore the quality may be reduced.

  • Can I create a design which is not my own pictures?
    We suggest using your own photos/artwork to create your individual designs. Please review your all customization details before submitting your order. CASETiFY reserves all rights and will not print artwork that infringes intellectual property rights or proprietary right, or contains any pornographic material, profanity language, threats or material which incites aggression towards individuals or entities and/or spreading violence/hatred. Any customized items are your unique creative expressions. If you make a mistake or change your mind and wish to receive a refund, you must return the items and a 50% returning fee will apply.

  • Can I have a blank/plain background of the design?
    If you wish to have a blank/plain background for your case design, please use the PNG file when customizing your case.

  • What is the image size/resolution for the photos to upload?
    For iPhone cases we recommend to use an image with a resolution of 1000px (w) x 2000px (h) or above, provided a single layout is wanted (e.g. when one image is used to cover the back surface of the case). For iPad cases the recommended resolution is 2400px (w) x 3000px (h). If the image appears to be clear, it means that the resolution is sufficient and the printing result should be satisfactory. You will see an alert if the resolution is too low and will be warned with “low resolution” while making your case.

  • How to resize/adjust the image?
    You can resize/adjust the image by clicking twice on the image.

  • Can you make amendments to the Artist Collection Designs?
    The copyrights of our Artist Collection designs belong to each respective artist. Unfortunately, we're not able to make any changes. But you can always create your own design on our App/website here.

  • Can other people print my case?
    No, only you can print your case unless your design is available on the CASETiFY Artist Collection.


  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept AliPay and WeChat Pay.

  • Do you accept AMEX Gift Card / Visa Gift card?
    We are afraid we do not accept AMEX Gift Card / Visa Gift card / Mastercard Gift Card.

  • I received an error message when I checked out. What should I do? / What does "Invalid transaction error" or "Something wrong with your credit card, please call card center for help: Transaction Not Allowed" mean?
    If an error message occurs, this may be because:
    •The debit card cannot be used for this type of payment
    •Your bank has rejected the transaction due to suspicions of fraud
    •The card is not activated for international transactions
    Please use another card to resolve the problem. If the issue still persists, kindly contact your bank for assistance.

  • When I proceed to checkout, it says “A match of the Shipping Address City, Province, and Postal Code failed.” What should I do?
    Please make sure all information entered is 100% correct and there are no spelling mistakes. Please also avoid short forms of City, and do not include the Province information within the City input box. If the details are right but still the payment cannot be made, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.


  • I want to join the CASETiFY Artist Collection to sell my design. Who do I contact?
    Email us at Include your portfolio link and your social media accounts.

  • May I join CASETiFY?
    For career opportunities, please visit our Career page.

Still not getting your answers? Contact Us anytime. You can contact us on XiaoHongShu @casetify