A Case for Our Future

Introducing style that does more. CASETiFY recognizes the need for environmental consciousness now more than ever, and we’re on a mission to bring this awareness into our own product lineup. It starts here and now. In addition to our eco-minded CASETiFY CONSCIOUS collection, we're taking giant leaps to lighten our footprint. Read on to see progress made, and what's coming next.

Key Initiatives

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Our Progress

What's Next

Closing the Loop:

We're expanding RECASETiFY to recycle even more existing plastic cases

Leading with Innovation:

We constantly push to set new industry standards that support sustainability

Staying Transparent:

We're open about what we've done, and where we need to make progress

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EARTHDAY.ORG's Canopy Project x CASETiFY

Call us tree huggers, please!

We are proud supporters of EARTHDAY.ORG's Canopy Project, who are taking on the enormous task of replanting trees across the globe to combat climate crisis and restore our precious natural resources.

CASETiFY plants one tree for every compostable phone case, biodegradable phone case, and reusable water bottle sold. Every day we get closer to our goal of planting 7.8 billion trees and breathing just a little bit easier. 🌳

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As Seen In

"What sets this eco-friendly iPhone case by Casetify apart from all other options on this list is its customizability."
"CASETiFY is making boundary-pushing moves with its innovative designs"
"The sustainable phone accessories are earth-friendly yet durable."
"Buy a phone case, plant a tree? Yup, if you buy one from CASETiFY."
"You’re getting the same great case you know and love, but made from sustainable materials."
"Comes in all sorts of colors and styles that you can customize for yourself. And surprise, it's compostable!"

As Seen In

"A sustainable alternative to single-use plastics."
"Delivering in both style and protection, CASETiFY has the game on lock."
"A stylish alternative to single-use plastics and works towards a better future."
"These bottles are worth the investment."
"A dose of personality to your daily water intake."
"Keeps drinks at the perfect temperature."

For us, sustainability has no finish line. Read on to learn about three more environmentally friendly initiatives we're taking on to lighten our overall footprint (with more to come).

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We are always trying our best to be more environmentally friendly and reduce waste. Meet RECASETiFY, our first phone case recycling program to recycle, reuse, upcycle, or safely dispose of your old products, moving towards a waste-free future. Currently available in HK and US.