We challenged 3 artists around the world to make something beautiful out of our old phone cases. They Re/CLAIMED what was once discarded phone cases and turned it into earth-friendly, high-quality works of art. Re/CASETiFY's recycling program has recycled over 430,000 phone cases. By using upcycled phone cases, our artists designed beautiful and self-expressive artworks with dreamers like you in mind. Empowering artists to create a sustainable future.

Re/CASETiFY Couch, Crosby Studios, Paris

Meet Harry Nuriev, Crosby Studios' founder, who brings his futuristic design approach to life in Paris and New York. The Re/CASETiFY couch is stylish, functional, and showcases our commitment to sustainability. Made from a colorful mosaic of over 23,000 recycled phone cases, this couch reminds us of the stories each case holds while signaling a bright future where they're repurposed for
a fresh start.

Re/CASETiFY Handbag, Nikolas Bentel, New York

Straight from New York, Nikolas Bentel took our old phone cases and turned them into a jaw-dropping art piece and a highly covetable fashion accessory. The Re/CASETiFY Handbag is made from over 100 recycled phone cases and Nik's spin on luxury fashion, showing us the fun side of repurposing unexpected materials into a stylish and useful work of art.

Re/CASETiFY Lamp, Jaehun Oh, Seoul

Jaehun Oh, from Seoul takes us on a magical journey with his super fun twist on everyday lamps. Made from 500 recycled phone cases and reimagined using Oh's distinctive patchwork style, the Re/CASETiFY lamp is a playful, one-of-a-kind art piece that catches everyone's eye all while adding a splash of charm to any space.

More Art Inspired By Re/CASETiFY