Recycle, Reuse,

We're excited to introduce our first phone-case recycling program in the US & HK. Reducing waste is one small way to do our part to divert waste from landfills and show our planet some BIG love. We'd love your help!

P.S You can send us any brands for a 15% discount as a thank-you!


Each year, more than 1 billion phone cases pile up in landfills. A global community of eco advocates who take the initiative to recycle their old cases is a small step we can take toward solving this big problem.

The Solution

With RECASETiFY, we give our waste a second life — and give customers like you an easy way to recycle old cases — through TerraCycle's Zero Waste Box™ program. You'll earn credit toward your next purchase as a thank-you.

How It Works?

Who is Terracycle?

TerraCycle is an innovative company on a mission to find a way to recycle everything, including "hard-to-recycle" materials. In partnering with them, we can collect and recycle almost any form of waste — and with your help, we could divert millions of pounds of waste from landfills. Learn more about TerraCycle here

50% Recycled Materials

Making earth-friendly choices throughout our supply chain - and sharing the decisions we make that impact you and the earth - matters to us. Our new impact cases are made with 50% recycled PC materials by weight to move towards a more sustainable circular economy.

Recycle Now

*All used cases recycled through RECASETiFY are valid for 15% off your next CASETiFY purchase within three months, exclusions apply. Learn more about our program here: FAQ