Your safety and health is our number one priority. We felt that it was important for us to do something to lift our community across over 180 countries. That’s why we are launching #CASETiFYProtects- our contribution to help protect you and your tech, wherever you are.

UV Sanitizer
$100,000 Donated to Coronavirus Relief

Meet our UV Sanitizer - it destroys 99.9% of germs that live on your phone's surface. 100% of its proceeds went to GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund in March and April 2020.

That's $100,000 to help send medical responders, essential supplies, and food to communities in need! Thanks so much for your support. Let's keep working together to make an impact.

40,000 Masks Donated (and Counting)

Every day, doctors, nurses, and medical staff are on the frontlines working to keep us safe. They’re running low on masks, and the supply chain is struggling to keep up. We’re inspired to help. Working closely with our manufacturing partners, our team is rapidly diverting resources to create FDA-approved surgical masks.

Now, with every purchase of a Reusable Cloth Mask, you're also supporting the donation of an FDA-approved surgical mask to a health worker in need. CASETiFY has already donated 40,000 masks to Direct Relief, and we will continue to produce and donate a surgical mask for every mask sold.

Thank you for helping protect yourself, your community, and medical responders on the frontlines of this global pandemic.

FREE Sanitizing Wipes With Every Order

Our community spans over 180 countries, and we don't take our global reach lightly. With every order, we're including FREE sanitizing wipes to disinfect high-touch surfaces, like your phone and other devices! While our team works quickly to source these wipes, we're committed to protecting you and your tech in this challenging time.


At CASETiFY, we stand up for what we believe in by supporting causes that matter to us and our global community.