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Daniel Patrick

Daniel Patrick

Based in Downtown Los Angeles, Daniel Patrick is the man behind the nomadic brand that infuses street style, city colors, and life into each collection. We sat down with Daniel to discuss how he landed in Los Angeles, the inspiration he finds in this city, his advice for other creatives, and what keeps him going.

You're from Australia. What inspired you to make the move to LA?

I chose LA because I felt the space was more inspiring. I didn't feel as cluttered as New York. I feel like in LA, for creatives, it's expensive to live but its a fifth the price of New York. I've got 7000 sqft and I just couldn't have that in New York.

What about DTLA inspires you the most?

I like how everything is accessible. For me, I live downtown, my office is downtown, my manufacturers are downtown. My coffee is in downtown. It’s easy. Life is setup to create.

What is your go-to spot?

I like Verve coffee. I go there every morning. For dinner, Little Sister is great. My wife and I go to Little Tokyo and we pick up Shabu.

What is your favorite thing about being in DTLA?

My favorite thing? That's hard. I have everything I need down here. I can walk to anything if i need to. Every morning I take a 2 mile walk with my son and get coffee. We grab groceries, I go to the gym, I jump in the pool. Then I head to the office which is 5 minutes away. On my way to the office I can drop off samples and pick up fabric. If I was living anywhere else, that's an extra hour on top of that.

Who is your dream collaboration?

My dream? Adidas. I've always worn Adidas. Even when I played Rugby in Australia I wore Adidas.

"Just trying to get better. Knowing that you're not the best you can be and that you can be better. It's always about finding room to get better. I think people can miss what they can be improving on."

Any advice for other creatives?

For me, one thing is that I never really feel I am where I want to be all the time. With the product, it gives you the opportunity to find a bit extra to improve on.

Nothing can ever be perfect. If you have to get the product to the best of what you can do and you're always finding that little bit extra. You're always chasing perfection but you're never going to find it. That's the game.

The good thing about that is that there is always something you can improve on.

Which DTLA case color are you most attracted to? And why?

I love all the colors. Neutrals do really well for us. The Sand reminds me of our Wheat and that is a signature color. The Olive is a close second.

I'm crazy about colors. I only wear black but I wear the colors on my shoes or accessories. I was doing a lot of black in my collection and now we're infusing more colors. But neutrals will always be our core.

When was the last time you dropped your phone and the screen broke?

It hasn't been for years! I drop it all the time but one time I was hiking and I landed on a rock and shattered my phone.

Walk us through your phone routine in the morning (i.e. which app do you open first, then etc)

Instagram. Email. Shopify. Each morning I check the orders that came in. Then Texts. I check the Rugby updates. And Facebook, if my son hasn't woken up yet.

If there is one word, how would other people describe you?

Social. Some might say I’m a lot.

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