Defy Gravity With The New Bounce Case

Introducing the fun-loving, all-adventure ready Bounce Case; the most protective phone case we've ever created for the iPhone 14.

With a revolutionary corner design and EcoShock™ shock-absorption technology, the Bounce Case absorbs 95% of any impact, ensuring your phone stays light and protected.

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Cutting-Edge Corner Design

Our research shows that 70% of phones fall on
their corner when dropped and that the most damage occurs when impact forces are
focused on one specific point.

That's where we come in. Inspired by the suspension bridges, our cutting-edge corner design has expanded bumper corners with compression ribs and air cavities to create structural support and add rigidity, providing the ultimate level of grip and suspension
from kinetic impacts.

Don’t worry about gravity. We’ve got you covered.

EcoShock™ Our Latest Innovation

EcoShock™ lies at the core of our solution to an age-old problem: how to increase protection level without adding extra weight and bulk.

After 4 years of R&D, we found a new type of plant-based material, composed from nature that absorbs up to 95% of impact. But we didn't just stop there. A unique twister pattern (inspired by twisted vines) was applied to EcoShock™ so
that impact forces are distributed more evenly.

The end result is a phone case that offers
ultimate protection without sacrificing on
style and ergonomics.

Tested To The Extreme

Some people do one drop test and call it a day. Not us. Because we know your phone goes through more bangs and bumps than that. We drop each case up to 156 times consecutively on all angles and from a drop height of up to 21.3ft.

We check for weaknesses or design faults. And if we find them? We start over.
Crafting and polishing, every tiny
unnoticeable detail until it’s perfect.

Re/CASETiFY: Protects Your Phone and also Protects the Planet

Over 400 million tons of plastic are thrown away each year, and less than 5% get recycled.
In the consumer tech industry, end of life shouldn’t mean the end of the road.

We're proud to say that this phone case is made from Re/CASETiFY material.

Our Re/CASETiFY program takes any case and gives it a second chance by turning it into a recycled material. Our push toward a more carbon-neutral future
was recognized by Fast Company as a
2022 World Changing Idea.

With your support, over 160,000 phone cases have been given a new lease on life—which is over 500 lengths of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
Because for our planet,
and our future—where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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Made for Every Lifestyle, Made for You

We want our products to express who you are and work the way you want. Choose from over 2,000+ unique designs created and curated by our global network of artists and customise your case the way you want. Afterall, your phone case
should be as unique as you are.

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Which CASETiFY case is right for you?

Check out the rest of the collection featuring Impact, Ultra Impact, and Bounce Cases, all powered by EcoShock™ and made from Re/CASETiFY material.