Basquiat x CASETiFY

This exciting Co-Lab marries CASETiFY's forever mission — to celebrate creative self-expression — with one of the 20th century's most influential artists, Jean Michel-Basquiat. We're thrilled that our durable, customizable tech accessories present a new canvas for Basquiat's prodigious works.

Basquiat in the Age of Tech

Introducing a canvas for the new generation. Basquiat's iconic neo-expressionist, street-art style and memorable motifs — like his crown or the skull from 1981's "Untitled" — make their way to phone and AirPod cases and watch bands. Customizable elements add a signature CASETiFY touch.

The Artist's Signature

It's woven into our brand DNA: express yourself. Make these accessories truly one of a kind with custom text.

Gold Standard: Special Edition Accessories

We commemorate 10 Years of CASETiFY and pay homage to Basquiat's neo-expressionist style with this new 2.0 leather case that shows the intricate details of the material's grain. Paired with our 10th anniversary logo in embossed gold foil, this case is not only sleek, it's also anti-bacterial and eco-friendly (made with 90% recycled materials).

Gold Standard: Special Edition Accessories

Our first-ever special-edition material case is made for the artists: we've brought the canvas to life and onto your tech, adding a new meaning to the medium with our latest #BasquiatxCASETiFY "Skull, 1981" case. To ensure your case is at its best, we recommend a few practices to keep it fresh.

PLEASE NOTE: The case is not water or dirt-proof and should be kept away from liquids or spills to prevent stains. To clean, gently wipe away debris with a damp towel. Use water only and avoid alcohol, detergents, brushes, irons, or bleach to prevent damage.

Come Shop With Us

Exclusive collection will be available at our retail stores while stocks last.

IN HONG KONG: Landmark

OPENING DATE: June 28, 2021

IN HONG KONG: K11 Musea, Festival Walk,

New Town Plaza, YOHO, OP Mall

OPENING DATE: June 29, 2021

IN JAPAN: Lucua Osaka

OPENING DATE: June 29, 2021