Casetify X Andersson Collection

Casetify X Andersson Collection

Modern luxury is about being, not having. Marrying the traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary touch, ANDERSSON x Casetify allows you to add a personal signature to a luxury leather iPhone cases, including the new iPhone 8 cases under the three elements: Bespoke, Contemporary and Craftsmanship.

We believe that the soul of a product comes from the intention with which it is created. While customizing clothing was the norm hundreds of years ago, that tangible customization has fallen to the way side with the advent of the internet today.

About Andersson

While the art of made-to-measure is here to stay, ANDERSSON by Casetify's mission is to deliver bespoke luxury goods in the most streamlined and portable way possible, allowing you to take your message with you wherever you go.

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Leather Snap Case - Black

Leather Snap Case - Sand

Leather Snap Case - Cherry

Leather Card Case - Black

Leather Card Case - Sand

Leather Card Case - Cherry

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